Specialist Areas

We take clients from all backgrounds and with many topics they would like to talk about.

In the past we have had clients who have been wanting help with bereavement, relationship problems; people who have wanted support about coming out, and those questioning their sexual identity or gender orientation. We have also had clients with anxiety, social phobia, depression and other mental health problems. We also have experience in supporting clients who have experienced various forms of abuse, from childhood sexual abuse, through to domestic violence.

We have clients in alternative relationship styles, such as poly or kink relationships, some of whom have wanted support around these and for some the relationship style is irrelevant to their problem. Clients come to us safe in the knowledge that they will be met with understanding for whatever style of relationship they have.

Our counsellors hold a variety of identities that intersect with some of our areas of interest and expertise including non-binary. If this is important to you, please let us know when making an initial enquiry.