This is a person-centered training opportunity for counsellors wishing to learn more about intersex topics and clients.

Intersex identities are wide and varied, with some people knowing all of their lives that they are intersex, and some people only finding out later in life. This training aims to give a greater understanding of the different types of intersex conditions, as well as myth-busting around the terms used.

This training is suitable for counsellors who wish to further their knowledge in a person-centered manner. You might also have been approached by a client who wishes to discuss intersex conditions and not considered this before. This training will give you more confidence in that work and will improve your basic general knowledge.

All traditions of counsellor are welcome to attend, and the training will be four hours, with a break in the middle for drinks. The training will be delivered in a person-centered way, using your existing knowledge along with your trainer’s knowledge, to ensure as full an understanding as is possible.

Topics covered will include:

Understanding the words around intersex conditions.
What clients might bring to therapy and how to react with confidence.
What research exists about intersex conditions in counselling and outside in the world.
Please check the training section of our website for future topics, and email us to register your interest.

The training is planned to be at our base in the city centre.

You will get a CPD certificate for four hours’ attendance.