Transgender identities


This is a person-centered training opportunity for counsellors wishing to learn more about transgender topics and clients.
Transgender identities cover both binary (male and female) identities and non-binary identities (people who feel that their gender is more than male or female, or apart from male or female, or who reject male and female, and many other configurations). This training covers binary identities.

This training is suitable for counsellors who are just learning about the topic and who wish to further their knowledge. You might also have been approached by a trans client and not considered this before. This training will give you more confidence in that work and will improve your basic general knowledge.

The training will be less suitable for people who have an excellent grounding in trans topics as it is intended to start at a fairly basic level. You would still be welcome to attend, and indeed, we would love to make contact with counsellors locally who feel they have an excellent grounding in the topic, so please contact us if this is you.

All traditions of counsellor are welcome to attend, and the training will be four hours, with a break in the middle for drinks. The training will be delivered in a person-centered way, using your existing knowledge along with your trainer’s knowledge, to ensure as full an understanding as is possible.

Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the words around binary trans identities.
  • Understanding the legal medical and social processes that a client might choose to go through.
  • What clients might bring to therapy and how to react with confidence.
  • What research exists about trans clients in counselling.

Please check the training section of our website for future topics, and email us to register your interest.

The training is planned to be at our base in the city centre, although if we exceed the room capacity we may move to a slightly bigger venue.

You will get a CPD certificate for four hours’ attendance.

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