Venue/Finding Us

 Time Out Counselling is pleased to announce that we have been able to move in to our own full time office, which is based at Palmer House near Coventry City centre. Our room is on the second floor and has no disabled access. However if you cannot walk up stairs, or need an accessible toilet, we may be able to arrange to use an alternative venue in the city centre that has disabled access in the form of a chairlift and an accessible toilet. Just contact us and let us know.

Car parking for Palmer house is at the Bishop street car park. Parking is £1 for one hour or 50p after 6pm. We have no waiting room and we are less than a minute’s walk from the car park so you should be able to safely only pay for one hour.

To get to the car park, at junction one of the ring road, take the exit for tower street (it is a left turn if you are going anti-clockwise), then turn left onto Silver Street. Turn right at the junction and the Bishop street car park is in your right.

To reach Palmer house, turn left out of the car park and head towards the crossroads. You will see the Kong shop with a large clock on the side of the building. We are just beyond the clock in a small alleyway. On your first meeting your counsellor will wait for you on the street to avoid any confusion.

A map is available below, but for more information on how to find us, email/call us on: